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As a musical backing to our songs and dances, three main instruments represent our local traditions: :
«the pignata», «la mandolin», «la guitar».

The “pignata”
It is a regional and handcrafted terracotta pot, used as a typical instrument: it gives the rhythm to the dances and songs. The sound is made with the rub of a humid reed on a very tense animal skin. Its origins go back to two centuries.

The mandolin
The mandolin belongs to the family of “plucked stringed instruments”. You play the mandolin with a plectrum, which enables to make the tremolo.
Born in Italy during the Middle Ages, this instrument is known for being used in popular Italian music, such as the Neapolitan ritornelle. However, the mandolin can be integrated to every kind of music – for instance, big classical composers such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi wrote concertos, sonatas or serenades for the mandolin.
The mandolin plays the folk melodies of “La Mentonnaise”, offering a very special sound to the expressions of popular local dances.locales.

The Guitar
Far more famous than the mandolin, the guitar is used as a background for the songs and as a rhythmic base for the dances.
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The Pignata
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the Mandolins
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The Guitar
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The Flute
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The Accordion
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Country fairs having almost disappeared for street animations, the flute and the accordion have been added in order to give more volume to the melodies.
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